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Dietary supplement of the highest quality in the form of highly absorbable arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG), which supplements a diet with L-arginine.

How does AAKG XPLODE powder® work?

Basic substrate of nitric oxide biosynthesis (NO), which shows a broad spectrum of efficacy on vessel endothelium causing their dilatation and, as a result, rapidly increases blood flow in the muscles.

this improves the supply of oxygen and nutritients to the muscles and also effects the flow of anabolic hormones stimulating the muscles to grow and strenghtening the efficacy of exercises lasting even several hours.

  • Increases secretion of growth hormone and produces muscle protein anabolism.
  • Indirectly influences muscle growth by increasing strength and endurance, and consequently, training volume.
  • Can positively improve intimacy and maintaining of high sexual performance in men.
  • Studies show that a long-term administration of L-arginine additionally improves the condition of the circulatory system, reduces blood pressure and beneficially modulates the immune system of the body. 

Alfa-ketoglutaran (AKG):
Initial particle for the synthesis of L-glutamine and other aminoacids. Reduces drops in their concentration in the blood during intensive training and between meals.

Coupling of alfa-ketoglutarane and L-arginine in one particle guarantees high muscle stimulation during exercise thereby increasing effectiveness of training and achieving maximum regeneration of the muscle tissue in the period after training. An additional advantage is the feeling of the so called "muscle pump", that is, increasing of muscle measures up to possible limits as a result of increased blood flow.

Advantages of AAKG XPLODE powder®?

  • Powerful dose of L-arginine in the form of completely absorbable L-arginine alfa-ketoglutarane (nearly 4 g per dose),
  • Instant absorption due to the loose form. There is no delay typical for tablets or capsules.
  • Complete freedom by dosing. You are no longer limited by fixed doses; you measure precisely the amount of Product which you need at a particular moment
  • Complete solubility
  • Remarkable flavour


Nutrition value
1 portion (8 g) Per 100 g
L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG) 3750 mg 46,875 g

Producerad i fabrik som hanterar mjölk, nötter, ägg, gluten, svaveldioxid och soja. Alla våra kosttillskott skall användas som ett komplement till en mångsidig och balanserad kost samt en hälsosam livsstil. Förvaras svalt, torrt, väl tillsluten samt oåtkomlig för små barn. Produkten och dosering är avsedd för friska personer över 18 år. Om du är gravid eller ammar, lider av sjukdom eller behandlas med läkemedel bör du alltid kontakta läkare innan du använder produkten.

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