Hot Blood 2.0 300g


5 component, multi-creatine matrix!

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Hot Blood 2.0 300g
Complex Pre-Workout Stimulant 
When you train or are engaged in physical activity and you reach a certain intensity, your body and blood “heat up” so you can work more efficiently. Our HOT BLOOD 2.0 complex pre-workout formula is carefully designed to support your body in physical activity, especially during high-intensity training!
Our 5 component, multi-creatine matrix is 4500 milligrams and provides - among others - the most studied Creatine form ever! Creatine in this dose is scientifically proven to increase performance in successive bursts of short-term, high intensity exercise like weight training and interval cardio!*
Many of our select ingredients contribute to one or more of the following beneficial physiological effects*: 
- Normal muscle function.
- Normal functioning of the nervous system: neurotransmission and muscle contraction including heart muscle. 
- Reduction of tiredness and fatigue. 
- Normal energy-yielding metabolism.
- Normal amino acid/protein synthesis. 
- Normal psychological function. 
- Electrolyte balance. 
*These statements have been scientifically proven and authorized by the European Food Safety Authority.
Directions: Mix 1 serving with 300-500 ml of cold water. Slightly carbonated, open bottle lid when mixing every 5 seconds to avoid accidental pressure build-up! Use 30-45 minutes before training, preferably on an empty stomach. Individuals sensitive to stimulants should first assess tolerance by taking half servings (contains 290 mg of Caffeine per serving)!
Warnings: This product contains an absorption modifier that could affect your medications – consult your physician before use! Only for healthy adults above the age of 18! Don't use if you are pregnant or nursing. To avoid sleeplessness, don't take close to bedtime. Individuals sensitive to stimulants should first assess tolerance by taking half servings (contains 290 mg of Caffeine per serving)! Beta-Alanine may cause a "pins and needles" tingling sensation similar to the niacin flush. This should not be cause for alarm, it is harmless and should decrease over time.
Allergen info: Manufactured in a facility that processes milk, soy and egg proteins, gluten and peanuts!

Producerad i fabrik som hanterar mjölk, nötter, ägg, gluten, svaveldioxid och soja. Alla våra kosttillskott skall användas som ett komplement till en mångsidig och balanserad kost samt en hälsosam livsstil. Förvaras svalt, torrt, väl tillsluten samt oåtkomlig för små barn. Produkten och dosering är avsedd för friska personer över 18 år. Om du är gravid eller ammar, lider av sjukdom eller behandlas med läkemedel bör du alltid kontakta läkare innan du använder produkten.

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