Max street tee


Street & gymtee
En unik vintage tee

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Max Street Tee

Supernajs Tee, passar lika bra på stan som på gymmet!

Every garment is unique due to special treatment and no garment looks like the other! Made of 100% combed cotton, worn out cuts and washed for ever to get the right distressed attitude. The fit brings out the best of your body, fitted upper body and relaxed waist, to be used in the gym or as casual. Distressed print in the front and GASP INC on upper back.

IMPORTANT INFO! This garment is dyed, washed and treated with attitude! Not all garments are created equal; every garment is treated by hand, has a unique look and may change after wash! Colors and wash effects will be different from garment to garment and not necessarily identical with the product images!   

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