Pro lifting belt

Better Bodies

Anatomical shaped belt
in strong neoprene

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Better Bodies Pro lifting belt

Stabilt träningsbälte i hållbart nylon och enkel kardborrefästning. Extra vadderad på ryggen för bästa passform och komfort.

Quality: 60% neoprene, 40% nylon, lining 100% polyester.

XS 60-70cm
S 70-80cm
M 80-90cm
L 90-100cm
XL 100-110cm

Belt size guide

The belt size guide shows the actual belt size range, measure your own waist and look for the correct size. Depending on individual needs most athletes prefer a belt size that is about 10cm (4 inch) smaller then relaxed waist size.
130308-999 - Pro lifting belt, black
130308-959 - Pro lifting belt, grey